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We move freight to any part of the world, be it Perishable Cargo; Dangerous Goods; Automobiles; Heavy & Off-Size Cargo and Pharma, among many other things. First Priority Cargo is widely regarded as the ‘Most Preferred Service Provider’ across the length and breadth of Africa due to our current weekly schedule of daily operations on a mix of B777-300F; B737-300F and A350-500 aircraft from Sharjah (SHJ) airport. Our bespoke services with multiple aircraft types offer reliable and flexible capacity links to global destinations that few operators can claim access to. First Priority Cargo has a professional team to handle all air freight requirements. There are standard and customised offerings. The First Logistics Cargo standard air freight products and their customizable options add flexibility to your supply chain. Whether it is time-sensitive cargo or perishable cargo or just about anything, we ensure that they are shipped as per your requirements, whether it is the next flight out or deferred service.  From packaging and warehousing to navigating the customs procedure, we take the pressure away from you so that you can focus on your core business. Our core business is air freight movement. We do not import/ export the following
  • Alcohol
  • Cigarettes
  • Tobacco
  • Arms and ammunitions of any category
We strictly follow UAE laws for export & import and impose a strict policy to adhere to this process

Own customs bonded warehouses

We have our own customs bonded warehouses at Sharjah International airport (SHJ), Dubai International Airport (DAFZA Terminal-2), and soon to be operational facility at JAFZA. Thanks to the bonded warehouses, we provide simple and effective solutions to the most challenging and complex logistics requirements.

We take pride in being a one-stop solution provider whether it is documentation for exports and imports; insurance; packaging; customs; warehousing; Inventory management and anything else that freight forwarding may entail.


First Priority Cargo is a fully licensed and approved Dangerous Goods handler. We are experts in handling Dangerous Goods or Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT). Our accident rate is zero and we are constantly at work to ensure our record remains. We have dedicated DG handling area within our warehouses, complying with all the safety norms that have been listed by IATA DG regulations for air shipments, both in Sharjah and Dubai.


Efficient, timely and secure logistics performance is so essential for pharmaceutical companies. Sometimes the movement of pharmaceutical product is a matter of life and death. Delayed orders, incorrect shipments,
damaged inventory, improper cold chain etc may cause immense damage to the end-user, the consequence of which will be on the pharma company, the logistics company and other stakeholders.

This is where First Priority Cargo comes in with trained and certified CEIV  professionals. We understand regulations for temperature-controlled transport requirements in countries as they differ from one country to another.

We have invested in
a) CEIV keeping in mind the destination, as rules vary from one country to another
b) Efficient handling of temperature-sensitive products (in collaboration with Sharjah Airport approved CEIV facilities)
c) Continuous monitoring of the shipment
d) Risk mitigation with data analysis and
e) Stringent validation of shipments through our processes.


We seamlessly connect air and land. And we do it 24 /7 and 365 days, come rain or shine. For us prompt delivery matters. Hence, we have overland transportation services that are reliable, that are secure and efficient. We have a fleet of vehicles that guarantee the quickest turnaround times to meet customer deadlines.

And we do this across the globe with our extensive network of reliable partners. First Priority Cargo’s comprehensive Door-to-Door or Door-to-Port Road haulage service is something that we are proud of.

As a customer, all you have to do is sit back and relax while we will assist you every step of the journey. We will assist you in the documentation requirements at each border/ point of entry / point of exit to any of the GCC
countries as well as other overseas destination. For competitive overland transport solutions, look no further.


First Priority Cargo manages over 200,000 sq. ft. of warehousing facilities within the UAE. We are within close proximity of all major airports, seaports, Sharjah Airport Freight Centre,Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA), Al Qusais Industrial Area and Jebel Ali Free Zone. These facilities cover all key commercial entry and exit points in and out of the UAE.

First Priority Cargo is known for
a) Organized audited inventory
b) Warehouse utilisation and efficiency
c) Warehouse layout for easy navigation
d) Efficient supply chain management systems
e) Safe and secure handling and
f) A team of highly experienced professionals.

We have streamlined warehouse operations so that you can minimize travel time during picking, increase efficiency and throughput. We are continuously investing in technology to ensure the best of logistics solutions
for you. We have invested in a warehouse management system that makes movement easier and hassle-free for customers.


Customs processes are even more critical in the U.A.E. as it is a global transhipment hub, linking the East and the West. First Priority Cargo as a fully licensed Customs Broker in the U.A.E knows all the custom processes across air, sea and land border gates. First Priority Cargo staff is well versed in
a) Documentation
b) Rules and regulations
c) Taxes and duties
d) Tariffs
e) Costing
f) Penalties etc.

Our team of well-trained and experienced staff will assist through the entire process of Customs Clearances such that you are not in the dark even for one moment. From straight-forward import and export clearances to multi-model
shipment clearances, our experts can provide the best advice at the right time to meet our customer’s strict delivery and clearance schedules.


Our mantra is not just safe and secure, but also efficient shipping.


Time is of essence. We ensure that all shipments get priority and are delivered
as quickly and as secure possible.


We are reachable round-the-clock for any kind of assistance, enquiry or information.